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The Role of Nurses In The Future

Interesting little piece from the NYT’ that just quickly glosses over the problems with nursing in the future.  They keep talking about the need for more nurses, and the need to make 80%  BSN’s; yet what they forget to mention is the asinine , archaic and abhorrent way in one can advance up the ladder.  let us take California for example, here..a working LVN with over four years of experience in an acute care setting still has to go back and redo all their prerequisites, and then must attend a regular RN program which is hit or miss to get into.  other states allow the LVN/LPN to use a program like Excelsior to do all their work online and then must pass a rigorous three-day practicum exam which is not as easy as it sounds.  Now, you may say , “Yes, but California is much more advance than some of these other states” HOGWASH!!

Lets look at the scope of practice for a LVN in California compared to the scope of practice of a LPN in other states.

California you may do the work of a RN in a hospital with the exception of hang any IVPB, push IV meds, you are basically there to crush pills when it comes to medication. There is no medport accessing, no central line care. No PICC care.

Other states (North Carolina is where I worked before) Everything a RN can do except for push a few cardiac meds and spike chemo.  Other than that, after a certain amount of time, you can be certified for CVAD, and do basically the same thing the RN does.

Now, why would California be so limiting? it is because of the RN union. Several years back, the LVN scope of practice was going to be widened and they had a coronary! why? because the pay rate for a RN would be brought down.  i don’t know about you, but I have worked with some LVN/LPN’s that could run circles around the RN’s and would rather have them as my caregivers.

so, these other states that may have the misconception of being backass, are actually forward thinking.  They are looking toward the future of healthcare needs, and taking a huge population of trained professionals, and allowing them to gain more experience and advance their titles with a broader means for moving up the ladder.  And before you go, yes..but there must be a reason california doesn’t accept Excelsior graduates, hold the phone!

Up until several years ago, California did accept them.  Infact they grandfathered in those that were already enrolled in the process.  So tell me, with thousands or tens of thousands of those educated nurses in the healthcare settings here in california, how bad are they doing? Do you know which is which? Do they wear a scarlet letter?

Tell me California, can you be any more backwards in your thinking? I do believe you need a collective cranial deimpaction .


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underpaid and overworked! former nursing instructor now Dir. of Residential Services at a place that is driving me to drink but not leaving me any time to consume!


One thought on “The Role of Nurses In The Future

  1. makes me want to drink alchoholic beverages

    Posted by stacy | December 1, 2010, 7:35 am

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